Other Projects By The Author


JavaDoq [java-docu] is a handy open source tool to convert Java source code into browsable HTML documents with JavaDoc style and Eclipse Look-And-Feel. It has the following features:

  • Java key words colorized similar to Eclipse
  • Source files organized in packages like JavaDoc
  • Java identifiers cross referenced via hyper links
  • Class nesting compatibility up to Java 6 code
  • JavaDoc formal comments linked back to source code
  • JavaCC and JJTree input files also parsed and linked
  • Conventional overview.html and package.html files included
  • Concise and well-documented pure OO source code
  • Ant Task interface class provided


JScripter(short for JS) is a set of open source Java libraries and specifications. It allows Java developers to easily make large JavaScript applications.


JavaJavaScript is a web site that hosts Java and JavaScript related open source applications.


JRecompiler is a free Java application that translates JScripter based Java classes into JavaScript language.